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S1:E11 Bonus – Bishop Curry & Sandy at EJE

Bishop Curry and Sandy recently attended a special youth event in Panama. They discuss their experience, and Sandy shares stories from participants.

Bishop Curry and Sandy recently attended Evento de Jóvenes Episcopales, the Episcopal Youth Event for youth (and young adults*) in Province IX of The Episcopal Church. Province IX includes many Latin American countries. The theme of the event was—you guessed it—The Way of Love.

In this final bonus episode before the launch of Season 2, Bishop Curry and Sandy talk about their experience at the event, and Sandy and Kyle discuss several powerful stories shared by event participants about embracing Way of Love practices in their contexts.

*Note: In the Latin American context, jóvenes refers to the 16–26 age range, and most participants at EJE were 17–23.

Music Credits: Ana Hernandez

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