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S1:E5 Learn – "Letting the Word master us"

By becoming familiar with the stories and insights of scripture, we are better able to see God’s story unfolding all around us.

Whether you’ve read the Bible several times through or haven’t opened one in years, there is always spiritual growth possible through reading and reflecting on Scripture—especially the life and teachings of Jesus. More than just memorizing verses, we are called to dwell in and reflect on God’s word, letting it form us on the Way of Love.

In this episode, Bishop Curry, Kyle, and Sandy talk about their favorite verses and methods for diving deeply into the stories and lessons of Scripture. By learning and becoming familiar with those stories and insights, we are better able to see God’s story unfolding all around us.

Next week on the podcast: Bless

Music Credits: Ana Hernandez


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S1:E6 Bless – Sharing & listening to stories of life

When we practice blessing, we walk with others, listening to and sharing stories, journeying into a deeper relationship with the living God we have known in Jesus Christ.


S1:E4 Worship – Putting God at the center

Bishop Curry teaches about how regular worship can both help us to deny self-interest as the main aim of life and also re-center our lives on God.