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S1:E7 Turn – Learning to live unselfishly

On the Way of Love, we turn ourselves toward God like a flower setting its face toward the sun.

On the Way of Love, we don’t only practice turning away from destructive things, but also turning ourselves toward God – like a flower setting its face toward the sun. In our daily lives, we are called to reorient ourselves to Jesus and his loving, liberating, life-giving Way.

In this episode, Bishop Curry and Canon Stephanie Spellers talk about the sometimes hard – but still very important – concepts of sin and redemption. They explain that when we find ourselves victims of our own self-centeredness, when we fail to live and love like we should, we can always turn back toward truth, love, hope, justice, and freedom.

Hosts Kyle and Sandy discuss their experiences of hearing God calling them to make turns in their own lives and how they’ve changed as a result.

Music Credits: Ana Hernandez


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S1:E8 Go – Doing our best to live like Jesus

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