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S1:E9 Bonus – Reflecting on Season 1

Sandy and Kyle reflect on sharing their experiences with the Way of Love practices in Season 1

In this first bonus episode following Season 1, Sandy and Kyle discuss what it's like having The Way of Love out in the world. They talk about the experience of sharing their own stories and hearing feedback from listeners. They also announce the theme ("Beyond the Church Walls") and launch date (September 17) for Season 2.

Our next bonus episode will drop in two weeks (August 20), featuring the return of Bishop Curry!

Music Credits: Ana Hernandez


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S1:E10 Bonus – Complete Bishop Curry sermon

Bishop Curry preaches about the Way of Love to participants in an Episcopal Church meeting on Asiamerica Ministries


S1:E8 Go – Doing our best to live like Jesus

Bishop Curry teaches about where the rubber meets the road, explaining how we can take all we’ve learned about the Way of Love and put it into action.