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5 Episodes

Season 2


Introducing "Way of Love beyond the church walls"

Join Bishop Michael Curry of The Episcopal Church as he guides us along the practices of the Way of Love: turn, learn, pray, worship, bless, go, and rest - and how we can use them beyond the church walls.


Mutual blessing through presence & relationships

If we were to distill the essence of the Christian faith, we would always come back to the reality of love - not as a sentimental feeling or a sugary concept- but as a disciplined and spiritual way of life.


Learning to Meet People Where They Are

When God’s Word becomes ingrained in our lives, we can better see God’s activity within and around us and others. We can then tell that story in ways that are authentic to us and that others can understand.


Turning to Hope for the World and in Our Lives

Just like the disciples who heard the call to turn from their fishing nets toward Jesus, we are each beckoned to reorient our lives to God, falling in love again, again, and again. But what exactly are we turning from? And what are we to turn toward?


Worshiping in Public as Witness

When we worship, we gather with others before God. We hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, give thanks, confess, and offer the brokenness of the world to God. So many of our worship experiences take place within a church building - it can be hard to imagine worship without candles and stained glass and pews - but there are many ways we can bring worship out into the wider world, knowing that God is waiting out there, too.