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S2:E9 Bonus – Full Patricia Lyons Interview

Sandy, Kyle, and their guest have an extended conversation about finding God in pop culture

Now that we've wrapped up Season 2, Sandy and Kyle have a special extended interview to share. In our second practice-based episode this season, we heard a short conversation with The Rev. Patricia Lyons about her work with young people exploring God's presence in pop culture, especially the Harry Potter books and films.

This week we're releasing that full interview. It's a bit longer than a typical Way of Love episode, but we think you'll really enjoy it.

Our next bonus episode will drop in two weeks (December 3) and will feature the return of Bishop Curry!

Music Credits: Ana Hernandez


Original Episode: Learning to Meet People Where They Are

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S2:E10 Bonus – The Episcopal Church and the United Nations

Bishop Curry and his guest discuss the relationships between faith communities and the U.N.

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S2:E8 Resting in and with the Land

Rest is more than sleep or mindless consuming - it’s a deep-seated principle and practice that God invites us to undertake for our own health and for the health of this fragile earth, our island home.